Based on the long-term business experience of our equity partners, we are able to initiate appropriate the necessary stabilizing measures in all continuation cases, enabling a sustainable turn around.

In the purchase of mobile capital goods, as well as with regard to immobile fixed assets, the company regularly draws on a broad network of industry-specific experts who, thanks to their decades of experience, are able to bring important know-how into general purchase decision-making.

Cooperation Partners

A selection of cooperation partners with whom we regularly work:

Falkensteg GmbH

Financial Projects

HHL Hamburg Leasing GmbH

NIV Leasing GmbH

Nürnberger Leasing GmbH

REM Capital AG

Saxenhammer & Co.

In principle, we are also able to offer and take on “turnkey” solutions in order to relieve the selling parties of certain risks that they no longer want to keep on the books.

We look forward to your project presentation and contact.